Wind industry covers

Onshore wind towers - Arquitex design

Arquitex design awnings for towers are economical, efficient and easy to install thanks to the patented Arquitex Caps, 11 different Ø from Ø20 to Ø67 mm.

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They allow to place lifting pieces, slings of mooring to truck or ship, transport frames … without simply removing the necessary plugs.
They can be supplied with windows, doors, aerators, document holders…

Onshore wind towers - Custom design

Section Covers adapted to the requirements of our customers.

IMG_4633They can include windows and doors with Velcro or zip fastening, aerators, auxiliary windows for lifting pieces or sling for land or sea transport, different solutions for the integration of the awning to the transport frame, awning centering, internal reinforcements for large diameters, document holders …

taponespeqThe incorporation in the awning of patented Arquitex plugs facilitates the correct cover placement and increases its resistance in extreme winds.

Offshore wind towers

Arquitex offers manufacturing alternatives despite its high weight, large diameters, special lifting pieces for vertical lift of the section, demanding transport and supporting frames, T-flanges in Section 1, strict slinging requirements for sea transport, etc…

taponespeqLocking of the cover with additional Arquitex plugs facilitates a correct placement and increases its resistance to extreme winds.

Arquitex manufactures awnings for Offshore towers including effective solutions to the demanding requirements of these large wind sections.

cub_redInternal reinforcements

ARQUIHAT - The Arquitex Temporary Cover


Arquitex “Temporary cover” adaptable to any need of the wind industry

Temporary Cover for Offshore Towers

Temporary Cover for Onshore Towers

TP-Cover, Transition piece cover

Meet any requirement of our customers

  • Can be manufactured in any required diameter
  • Totally Watertight
  • Resistant to Extreme Weather Condition
  • Fast assembly by 2 people
  • Packing in a single package


Frontal, partial or integral protection of the Nacelle. May be included transport tool on cover design.

The integral protections are adapted with precision to Nacelle geometry to facilitate its installation and guarantee its water tightness and resistance in terrestrial or maritime transports.

Effective solutions for upper doors or windows with opening and closing from the inside of the Nacelle.


Full protection for complete or non-fiber hubs, including transport tools. Covers for hub bearings.

They are precisely adapted to the geometry of the hub to facilitate their installation and ensure their tightness and resistance in land or sea transport.


Root protections, including or not the transport tooling.

Also protections for sectioned blades
( Root / Inboard / Outboard ).

Locking of the cover with additional Arquitex plugs facilitates a correct placement and increases its resistance to extreme winds.

Drive Trains

Drive Trains integral protections including transport tools.

Full compatible with previous shrink wrapping of the drive train.

Cover can be designed with lifting slings integrated into the protection.

Other protections

Covers for doors or door frames of wind towers.

Textile complements of Internal Assemblies Sets (fall arrest nets, cables covers, flexible ventilation ducts …)

Protections for storage of any kind of Installation and Mounting Wind Turbine tools.

Any other cover requested for Wind Turbines components:
Pre-assembled coolings, special hubs …