Arquitex Technology S.L. manufactures since 2001 all kinds of covers and accessories for the wind industry.
Also flexible water tanks and other textile covers of industrial use.


The tarpaulins used in the production of our products and the processes for their manufacture and quality control meet the most demanding standards in the industry.


We supply from a replacement canvas to weekly or monthly just in time programs for provisioning of factories.
Anywhere in the world.

Technical Manuals

With the scope that the client requests.
Procedures for use, maintenance, safety, installation, disassembly, recoverability, repair, initial check-list, quality, risk analysis …

Custom Design

Arquitex strictly complies with the technical requirements requested by our customers.

Arquitex collaborates frequently for the design and development of new textile protections, even with the geometries and the most demanding functional requirements from any software design.

His extensive experience in the design and manufacture of industrial tarpaulins, especially in the wind sector, allows him to provide resistant, effective and efficient solutions in the development of any textile protection.